Christmas Lights at Ócsa

Let’s do something new, something more exciting, something different from usual. These were the keywords while planning the Christmas programme for children at the housing estate of Ócsa. This year instead of mandarines, chocolate and material presents, we brought special, creative games for the kids and edited a video from their personal messages to each other.

Obviously, we, volunteers were not the ones in the centre of the video. Each child had to pick a name from a cap, and they could send their Christmas messages to the selected person from the separate recording room. There were no worries about the script, the children could easily invent the content of their own short film. After the shooting had finished, it was time to see the outcome: all the kids got together and the screening began. They watched the recorded messages about the fantasy presents, sometimes with shy smiles, other times with big laughs but all the time really curious to see themselves talking on the screen.

Csaba Babus

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