Net tutoring

Share knowledge as a gift, online!

We are looking for volunteers in our online tutoring program!

Besides our face-to-face tutoring program we also launched our online educational system, the Net tutoring. The Net tutoring sessions are held by our experienced volunteers using popular and well-functioning platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Duolingo, Wolfram alpha. We provide English support to primary and secondary school pupils.

The Net tutoring:

  • Voluntary
  • Online
  • Provides English to Hungarian pupils
  • In the families of these kids are no academic people
  • Cooperates with international volunteer team
  • Build sustainable youth development

Within the program, volunteers spend 4 months in pairs or in small groups of students once a week.

We are looking for you, if you:

  • are socially sensitive and try to give back your knowledge and values you’ve received
  • are persistent, motivated and you are the “once I start something I always finish” type
  • can undertake weekly one Net tutoring occasion online at a fix time chosen by you
  • are between 16 and 40
  • are familiar with online platforms

What you gain from us

  • valuable reference, even in your CV
  • international relations with Hungarian and other foreign volunteers
  • online teaching experience
  • professional and technical support to online tutoring methodology
  • preparatory training online where you can learn more about our association, volunteering programs, online teaching and our experience so far
  • continuous support from the members of Menetszél Association
  • opportunity to create sustainable values

Your responsibilities

  • take part in a one-time preparatory training online
  • take a fix time weekly 1,5 hours Net tutoring
  • prepare for your weekly Net tutoring classes
  • attend the monthly team meeting online, where we exchange our experiences and discuss the problems

What you can teach

  • English from beginner to advanced level

Whom you can teach

  • kids from families, where education and the kids’ results at school are really important, however the parents neither have higher qualifications nor financial resources to support their kids’ studies

Device(s) you need

  • laptop with webcam / desktop PC with webcam / tablet

How you can apply

  • fill out the below application form (2 min)
  • if you have any questions about the application or the program, please email us at
  • we will contact you shortly after your registration and let you know more details
  • application deadline: 30.01.2018.
  • the training is expected to take place on 14.02.2019., after working hours in Berlin
  • the online training date (for those who are not living in Berlin) is 13.02.2019
  • the Net tutoring program begins on 25.02.2019.

Volunteer application